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Herbert Heyneker

After receiving his PhD degree in Molecular Genetics in 1975 from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, Herb started post-doctoral work in the laboratory of Prof. Herbert Boyer at UCSF. Subsequently he joined Boyer and Swanson when they founded Genentech, pioneering recombinant protein research. In 1984 Herb joined Genencor, a spin-off from Genentech, as Vice-President of Research. In the 90s Herb co-founded three biotechnology companies including Eos, a functional genomics company, where he was the Chief Technology Officer. After Eos was acquired by Protein Design Labs in 2003, he joined the London-based venture capital firm Abingworth as an advisor. Herb served on the Board of Directors for Prosensa and Profibrix, and is an advisor to various biotech start-ups.