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Jan van de Winkel

Professor Jan van de Winkel, PhD, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Genmab A/S, which he co-founded in Feb 1999. Dr. van de Winkel has overseen the creation and development of a number of human antibodies for the treatment of cancer and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases. The first approved antibody, Arzerra, received regulatory authorization by the United States FDA [Oct 2009] and the European Medicines Agency [April 2010] for therapy of refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Dr. van de Winkel is widely recognized as one of the leading scientists in the study of antibodies and their interaction with the immune system. Dr. van de Winkel has (co-) authored more than 300 scientific publications and has been responsible for over 40 patents and patent applications. He holds a Professorship of Immunotherapy at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Prior to joining Genmab, Dr. van de Winkel served as Vice President and Scientific Director of Medarex Europe. Professor van de Winkel is a scientific advisor to various international venture capital firms.