Thuja is proud to work with universities and financial partners to provide capital and open their network:

Utrecht Holdings: Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht have a joint technology transfer office, Utrecht Holdings. It is focused on the transfer, utilization and commercialization of academic research. Utrecht Holdings established well over 40 spin-off companies and invested over € 15 million into these new ventures. Utrecht Holdings and Thuja have been successfully working together since 2008.

Radboud Valorization: The technology transfer office of Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc), Department Valorization, is deeply involved, amongst others, in evaluation, patenting and commercialization of new technologies. Radboudumc Holding B.V. has 19 spin-off companies in which 153 FTE are employed, and in which to date EUR 44M has been invested. Radboud Valorization and Thuja have been close working together since 2016.

Rabobank: The Rabobank is major Dutch bank and an important financier in the Dutch healthcare sector. Through investments in selected funds, Rabobank wants to contribute to healthcare innovations that are beneficial to both citizens as well as society. Because of its deep involvement in the Dutch healthcare sector Thuja can benefit from the many contacts of Rabobank and its understanding of the developments in the sector.

European Investment Fund (EIF): EIF, established in 1994, is a European Union agency for the provision of finance to small and medium-sized enterprises, headquartered in Luxembourg. It does not lend money to SMEs directly; rather it provides finance through private banks and funds. EIF is a leading player in the European venture capital market, focusing on the establishment of a sustainable venture capital ecosystem in Europe supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.